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Kirill Chizhov - young sculptor and painter, a pupil of the famous all over the country A. Rukavishnikova descendant of the famous sculpture of the dynasty. Kirill owns his fine craft and sculpture has been actively involved in the implementation of most of the official orders the workshop of his master. But this is the official line of work. She is beautiful and majestic in its own way. But there is a line of personal creativity, independent and deep - for themselves, so - for the soul of its own and audience.

 Kirill is one of the few contemporary artists who are able to bring the light, strength, spontaneity. His images - almost all women, he works at the intersection of two eras - the ancient and the modern, as a sculptor and as a graphic artist.

In contrast to the idealized notion of a Russian woman in sundress as being clamped, in which case, and feelings are produced only by the order of patriarchal despotism, Old images Kirill highly spiritualized inner spontaneity of them as if fire breaks out. Strange as it is possible to reach the artist not only in the art of modeling, but in the wooden material. All their clothing is traditional: the broad sundresses from rough fabrics, huge kokoshniki like magic mirrors, Kichko horny that hides two braids of married women, etc. But the images are close to the surreal - their silhouettes are so unusual that they seem unreal, fantastic, having little to do with man as such - rather, some changing in the distorting mirror of time being or essence. Especially when painted works are highlighted with red splashes or bluish ice reflections. In its saturation, internal pulsation, at great apprehension - Kirill old Russian women are like characters in "Rus outgoing" P. Korin. Apparently, it is symbolic that our famous master has not finished his painting - in fact Russia is beginning to return.

Another part of the work of Kirill - the images of the modern woman. It is entirely set free (at least, that seems the artist), her taste and choice of image has nothing to do with the ancient traditions: leather jackets and pants, cut tongues and piercings all over his body, bold hairstyles and so on. All these women koshkoobraznye and serpentine - a legacy of revolution of different kinds that occur in life and in the art of XX and XXI centuries. They can see the influence of photography and film industry cocottes numerous portraits of fashionable and stylish dressed heroines are the invisible psevdogoroda streets, posing for the cameras, showing signs of his own dignity, independence and attractiveness.

On the artistic skill Kirill can not say - it's obvious. He virtuosity, communicate characteristic postures, movements, facial expressions, which are immediately grasp the psychology of image. His special power is that Kirill did not share the development of painting and sculpture - for it is the reciprocal of the sphere. In its formation Kirill survived the influence of many styles and academic neoacademism, surrealism, avant-garde, post-modernism. But from their pulsations turned crystallized alloy own style, lively, confident, very eclectic and energetic, with a delicate flavor and flair to even the smallest detail.

Now there is a perception that the intellectuals in their suitcases moods - rusofobna. And that love for Russia - the privilege of some favorites. However, the work of Kirill argued that the Russian idea - it is not wealth slepovatyh reactionaries, and the living and the spiritual health of the people who see in his past is much more complex, ambiguous, inspiring and beautiful. Kirill art - it's not nostalgia for the past and the present conviction. It is a vision of the world as an emerging unity, which can not be excluded, and the owners, as well as there can be a fabulous line between myth and modern reality, between Vasilisa the Wise and bold nudes. There are all equal and united.

Svetlana Tarkhanov, art